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Klip Video Sharing

Klip 2.0
  • License Gratuito
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  • Downloads 1
  • Size 8.55MB
  • Update 21.07.2021
Logo Klip Video Sharing Icon

Klip Video Sharing

Version 2.0 Gratuito
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 1 Atualizado em : 21.07.2021 Klip


A forma mais fácil de partilhar vídeos
; Klip Video Sharing is a tool that enables you to share short videos recorded with your smartphone through a social network specially designed just for that. You can also see clips created by other users. It's easy to see the best videos created by your friends, or have a constant stream of your favorite pet videos on your smartphone. You can view, rate, and leave comments on videos, as well as suggest new videos to other users. As with any similar social network, you'll have your followers and the people who you follow. And as you may expect, you can block users in case you want to cut off further contact with them. You can also share your creations through other social networks. Klip Video Sharing is an application with tons of possibilities that allows you to enjoy fun videos created by people like you whenever you want.


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